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We operate at the boundaries between the new and the sustainable, making use of multimedia and graphic design. In our work, which is not always easy to understand, humor, chaos, method, and science co-exist. We are not easy to pin down and we consider this to be a value. We certainly do not simply improvise. In our activity, we seek forms of provocation, chaos and exploration, but we are supported by the use of method. We are at the meeting-point of science and art, communication and sustainability, architecture and engineering, the past and the future. We are constantly in touch with the turmoil and ferment of creativity. It is a challenging and extremely rewarding task. Looking far ahead, but most of all, undertaking action, here and now. Our revolution has already begun.

Silvana Kühtz. I am from Bari. Given my last name, one can understand that I am the fruit of a mixture of mentalities, of much movement and diverse origins. Even my studies are a mix of different disciplines. Since 1997, I have taught at the University of Basilicata, Italy, as a lecturer and conducted research on different topics. I invented this project as I like the idea of starting from the bottom to make a revolution in everyday life and achieve concrete results that are also poetic and utopian. With an ever-present hint of irony.
I have a multi-disciplinary background, graduated in engineering at Politecnico di Bari (Italy), attended the Imperial College of Science (University of London, UK), leading to a Ph.D. degree and Diploma of Imperial College in 1996. Then an apparent U-turn, I completed a Master Course in Communication (Aleph school Assisi) in 2004.
Since my early days I have studied theatre and performing arts with different methods and teachers, I have therefore created another project that entangles strictly with this, where I perform with artists and reflect upon the practical use and influence poetry can have in our lives and choices (
In 2010 I moved to UK again, as lecturer in Sustainability and Clean & Green Technologies at School of Physical and Geographical Science, Keele University (UK), MSc, but I returned back to Italy after ten months, as only my scientific side was developing.
Since 2006 to-date I have been senior lecturer of Language Future and Possibility (this is an innovative course I created to enhance the quality of learning, human resources creativity and self expression of future generations of scientists. It is a mixture of science, poetry and self-expression), faculty of Architecture based in Matera, Dept of European and Mediterranean Cultures.
Since 2012 in the department in Matera I promote multidisciplinary interaction between landscapers, architects, artists and citizens who can then eventually speak the same language: a shared vocabulary of beauty and life.
In 2016 another challenge with a colleague of the University of Parma we realized the first experience of training in situ, conducting the course The future of the suburbs in the g-local society: theories and techniques to support the ability to envision a possible future during a music and cultural-poetry festival held in Aliano (Matera) in August. The experience will be repeated.

Francesca Intini. I graduated in Management Engineering and have a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Innovation. I specialize in the analysis of the life cycle of products (Life Cycle Assessment), Sustainable Design, Environmental Reporting, environmental labeling (Ecolabel and Environmental Product Declarations – EPDs) and Carbon Management.