My Revolut!on arose to show that each of us can help to change things. We can all promote values, new behaviours and lifestyles; we can all respect others and be respected. By accepting knowledge and by promoting the unity of the world and human beings, we can live in harmony.

My Revolut!on is a scientific and artistic project that aims to limit our consumption of energy and materials; we can still live well even while learning how to consume less, we can live well when we pay attention to the tiny small details that sometimes poetry catches, when we become aware of the powerful senses we have, when we see the beauty in life.

My Revolut!on amongst other ideas, calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted (the carbon footprint) and proposes innovative local development projects and training to help people adopt and implement sustainable behaviour.

It also promotes new ideas and ways of thinking about sustainable innovations, mixing art and performance with science.

In this My Revolut!on works side by side with and various artists.


Did you know that turning off a device instead of leaving it in standby mode can save you 80 kg of CO2 in a year and about €33?


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